1. What the heck is a skigit?     puzzle

A skigit (pronounced ski'jit) is a member created video story of 3 minutes or less about something, someone or someplace  awesome that has special and positive meaning to you.

2. How long can my skigit be?      clock

Three (3) minutes maximum with no limit on the short end, except that it must run T>0 in the 3rd dimension.

3. Is there any limit to how many skigits I can create?       limit

No. You can can create as many skigits as you'd like, just remember to keep the length within the 30MB limit. Linked videos can be as large as you want but we recommend no longer than 3 minutes.

4. Which video formats can I create my skigit in?      formats

Reference the Video Formats page located within the Guidelines page on the menu tab at the top of your page.

5. Why should I choose to display the logo of my product?      Favorites

By sharing the logo for your awesome thing, you are creating a personal and emotional connection between you, the maker of your awesome thing and your viewers.

6.  Can I share my skigit with friends on other sites?      Favorites

Absolutely! You can post and share any skigit to other websites. If you prefer, you can even email them to family and friends. Heck, why not do all three!   

7. Why are some logos on skigits larger than others?       Favorites    vs     Favorites

The smaller logo depicts instances where the creator has chosen to display the logo but the maker is not a Skigit member. The larger logo depicts instances where the skigit creator has chosen to incorporate the logo and the maker is a member and skigit supporter.

8. What does it mean to plug-in to a skigit and what does it really do?      plug-in

By plugging into a skigits, you are connecting with other members on a personal and perhaps an emotional level to form a group which ultimately, creates a superskigit! Viewers can now select your skigit to view andfollow the adjoining skigits to get even more insight into your awesome thing. How cool is that!

For additional guidance, reference the Guidelines page on the menu tab located at the top of your page.

9. What happens if I plug into a skigit and the Primary skigit get's deleted?

If a Primary skigit gets deleted, by default you automatically plug-in to the next plugged-in skigit based on time of plug-in. You will then receive a notification and of course, have the option to delete that plug-in connection on your Skigits I Plugged Into page.