Making Your Skigit

We want to know about you and so do others. Make your skigit be an accurate expression of you and the things you want others to know about you. making a skigit is a no-brainer Just follow these easy steps and your on your way to video fame!

1. Arm yourself with a Video Camera, Smartphone or even a Webcam

Keep your video camera and smartphone handy wherever you go. Skigits are best made when you least expect it…in you favorite restaurant, while your out visiting with family and friends, while using your favorite thing or while on vacation when feel awe-inspired by the location, surroundings or vista. 

2. Put together a quick script or not

Some people choose to script out their skigit and that’s just fine. But skigits can be way cool when you create them totally unscripted, off-the-cuff, spur of the moment, shooting from the hip, throwing caution to the wind…

3. Don’t forget to show us your favorite thing

Skigits are all about sharing your favorite people, places and things so whatever you do, don’t forget to talk about, focus on, demo or have fun with your favorite thing in your skigit. After all, it’s really all about the fun, right?

Watch these examples of skigits we simply love!