Skigit for Your Business!

Take your Company obscenely VIRAL!

Is your company on a limited advertising budget? If so, Skigit offers a variety of low-cost advertising and promotional tools to help your business thrive. Skigit is a one of a kind video social networking that brings together brand manufactures, retailers and consumers in a way that offers an innovative, entertaining and enjoyable experience, while providing tremendous value to consumers, brand manufactures, retailers and service providers across the globe.

Do you want to broaden your presence without a physical location in every town or city?

Solution: Use Skigit to help you gain exposure for your business and the products you make. Nearly every business is using the Internet to help their business succeed. No website offers your business a "true" earned media solution; a solution in which users like your products so much that they create their own videos simply because they like what you provide. Through the effective use of a fun theme based environment, earned media and social networking and Skigit is the fun way to market your company and products. Let your customers do the talking about your products and put your company logo on Skigit today!

Here are some statistics you may not be aware of:

  • 90% percentage of online shoppers at a major retailer website said they find video helpful in making shopping and buying decisions. Retailers who provide online video to show off their products, report that the products with video sell a lot more than products with no video.

  • 70% of active adult online social network users shop online, while 53% of these individuals follow a brand via social networking.

  • Across all regions, social media has the potential to influence consumers' entertainment and home electronics purchase decisions. Social media represents a huge opportunity for brands to gain positive favor with consumers.

  • 85% of advertisers say they want to be next to social video.

  • Viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video, compared to 10% when reading it in the text (Insivia).

  • Data shows that consumers are more likely to enjoy a brand video and remember the brand involved if they come across it thanks to a social media recommendation.

  • Higher Conversions: 64% – 85% are more likely to purchase after watching a product video.

  • Video advertising is now up to 13.2 billion monthly views in the U.S. alone.


What if your competitors are already here?

Can you afford not to join Skigit? Oh that's right, there is NO risk. Your competitors most likely are taking advantage of elevating their product promotions and market presence on Skigit. Ask yourself, can you really afford not to be in the same arena as you competitors especially when it costs you nothing?

That's all nice, but what can Skigit do for me?

Drive In-store Sales

Increase foot traffic and make it easier for people to find and share information about your business. How can you accomplish this? By connecting with your customers in a way that leaves them with an indelible impression that can only be accomplished through the use of emotionally engaging wacky, musical, witty, humerous video. Skigits are NOT scripted corporate advertisements but video done in a way that your audience feels connected to you and your brand, a way that makes consumers want to be affiliated with brand.

Increase Online Sales

Find new customers and deepen relationships with people who'll click through and buy because they like the Skigits you are doing and because they trust the recommendations and promotions of family, friends and their peers within the Skigit social network.

Launch a NEW Product

Generate excitement and maintain momentum around a new product or service by creating your custom Skigit about your awesome new product. Get the word into the circles of some of the most influential social circles to generate a viral thread about your new product.

Create early 'buzz' around the product – Creating early consumer 'buzz' around a new product is key to ensuring a product launch has a good platform from which to develop. With a notable number of many social network fans also being early adopters of new products, interacting with fans through Skigit is a fantastic way to increase and develop word-of-mouth.

Utilize customer and fan feedback – The interactive nature of Skigit presents companies with the perfect opportunity to measure effectiveness, tweak, react and adapt their product launch strategy in line with fan and customer feedback gained through social media engagement.

Member Recognition and Rewards – Early adopters and fans of a brand will always be more likely to talk about a new product or promotional campaign to their own friends and followers, increasing both awareness and word-of-mouth. In light of this, you have a great opportunity through Skigit to reward those product users that are sharing, liking, posting, plugging and buzzing about your new products. 

Build Brand Awareness

Use a Skigit to express the things that make your business unique and build brand awareness in a whole different way. Each time viewers see your brand name and logo promoted by your company and other members, your brand gets the impressions it deserves and not just in the conventional way by the same old banner impression advertisement. In promoting your brand through Skigit, your brand becomes a valued by viewers in a whole new way as your company becomes associated with a favorable, peer-promoted recommendations.

Promote Yourself – Skigit Mobile App

We get the Skigit mobile app into the hands of the right people, your customers, and keeps them engaged so that your business gets the attention it deserves.

Peter Eckert (July 2012, Impact of mobile devices on ecommerce)..."Fueling the Internet's next evolution, mobile devices are solidifying the new retail experience from bricks-and-mortar to the ease of click-to-order. With the proliferation of smartphones and tablets, mobile commerce is expected to grow significantly over the next three years."

Here's How it Works


Offer Users Incentives and Rewards to Create Skigits for your brand!

It's been reported that less than 1% of daily active users are engaging your content on other social networks.  In other words 99% of the content that brands put up there is being ignored because the content has no relevance to the audience, at least not enough relevance to share with others. Study after study show that people "Like" brand and corporate pages mainly to find out about specials, get discounts, updates, and so on.

At Skigit we feel that offering users incentives and rewards just to like your brand is a diluted form of earned-media and by offering users incentives and rewards to create a Skigit for your brand about a product that they already like and are willing to "actively" promote, is what "true" earned media value is all about. No other site provides your brand this level of earned media value. NONE!

We recommend that you offer incentives to spread your brand and product awareness virally so here are some of our suggestions:

Offer Product Discounts – A study by ExactTarget and CoTweet found that 40% of people like brands to receive discounts and coupons. Discount Coupons are a proven great  incentive for  users and by creating a Skigit for you, your users have displayed a intimate connection with your brand and product. So is it worth it to offer users product discounts for creating a video promotion for your product? Uh huh!!

Discount Coupons are a proven great  incentive for  users and by creating a Skigit for you, your users have displayed a intimate connection with your brand and product. So is it worth it to offer users product coupons for creating a video promotion for your product? Uh huh, we think so!  

Let YOUR consumers do the talking for YOUR Brand!

It all starts here! You upload your logo into your business account profile and let our members do the rest! Immediately, your logo becomes available for use by our members...those consumers that you are looking to reach out to. Each time a member chooses to display your logo in association with their favorite thing depicted in their Skigit, your business identity and brand instantly have the potential to go viral. As members display their awesome experiences to the world, those experiences are VIEWED, PLUGGED, SHARED, and POSTED to other social networks. And when that happens, your products, services, brand and identity go along with it.   And that's not all! Each time a member chooses to display your logo in a Skigit and that Skigit is viewed by either a member or non-member, you have made a unique emotional connection with your consumers. This sentiment isn't simply an advertisement from the brand manufacturer. It's a glimpse of a human experience or a depiction of an experience that your consumer feels so strongly about, that they can't wait to share it with viewers. This is the true power of Skigit and this power lies in the hands of each member.  When the Skigit is created, it becomes a credible testimonial about you by your consumer through the sincerity and passion of your consumers. Isn't that what it's all about!

With the very nature of a Skigit being a video sketch of a positive experience and favorite thing, there are no "unfavorable" Skigits, no negative information intended or allowed. In fact, each Skigit is screened for content to make sure that it meets our Acceptable Use Policy  and our underlying website business philosophy. Each time a Skigit with your logo is VIEWED, PLUGGED, SHARED, and POSTED to another social network, your product, identity and brand are displayed in a Skigit, leaving viewers with a positive and genuine feeling about your brand, ultimately providing immeasurable value to your business. Skigit offers you the ability to reach potentially limitless social circles through social networking, providing viewers with a level of credibility that most companies simply cannot inject into promotional advertisements.

Create your Company Skigits and Get an Emotionally-charged Following!

Get your business Skigit out there and watch it go viral! By creating your own business Skigits with your logo about the products and services you provide, you can sit back and watch as consumers VIEW, PLUG, SHARE, POST your Skigit in this and other social networks to facilitate marketing and product sales like never before! There's no limit to the positive impact on your business when integrate your Skigit depicting your product and services that others truly enjoy, into the Skigit social network! By the very nature of Skigit, you're able to emotionally engage consumers through the use of video that no other site provides. You're Skigits (and logo) embed your company into the ocial framework with excited followers that have help you take your business to the highest level possible.  No other site offers your business this level of value and opportunity! Just follow the only commandment when creating your Skigits. Refer to Our Rule for your Company Skigit for help.

Watch Consumers click through to YOUR Profile and to YOUR website!

How would you like to drive massive amounts traffic to your target locations such as product ecommerce targets and your company website? We've already established that by making your logo available to other members for use, you will be better able to establish and promote your brand identity, products and services. But the payoff happens exponentially when members propagate your logo, which is a "clickable" active image link within Skigit. As a result, each time a member clicks on the logo, now attached to member Skigits, they are taken to your Skigit company profile page. Within your profile, you can add as many as five external links to you favorite company URLs. Viewers will be directed to the target locations of YOUR CHOICE. This allows you to drive traffic to your site or to your product and services ecommerce locations or simply provide information to viewers about you and the products and services you offer. In other words, Skigit gets your brand identity, products and services recognized naturally and effortlessly through organic social promotion and interest. All you have to do is sit back and let Skigit work for you!

Embed User Skigits into YOUR Skigit Profile and YOUR External Target Locations!

As you begin to establish a presence on Skigit, you will notice a increase in users promotions of your products and services. An as we already know, consumers promotions drive sales and by simply polling other video sites, one can't help but notice the power of the user-created video and it's ability to entertain and mesmerize us. More and more consumers are getting amazing results by experimenting and mastering video techniques with personality, humor, music and story lines that grip us so much, that many go viral. Many often reach tens and sometimes hundreds of millions of views and this is something that in most instances, only consumer promotions can achieve.  Skigit gives you the ability to embed consumer Skigits about your product into your external target locations. Create tremendous opportunities for your business and for the consumers that create Skigits promoting your products. Make your business a part of the amazing synergy between consumer and brand by joining Skigit today!

Join Skigit Today. IT'S FREE!

That's right! You can join Skigit for FREE and pay only for results. In other words, pay only for the value your business receives, no more, no less! By creating an account today, you can make your logo available for Skigit members and only pay when other's use it to promote your business (reference Business Services and Fees AND THERE'S MORE! Upload your own brand Skigit for FREE! Ya huh, that's FREE advertising!

That's right! You can join Skigit for FREE and pay only for only for value. By creating an account today, you can make your logo available for use by members. You only pay on a per-use basis (reference Business Services and Fees AND THERE'S MORE! Upload your own brand Skigit for FREE! Ya huh, that's FREE advertising!