The Art of Skigit

Ski’·jit·ol·o·gy, Ski’·jitˈäləjē/noun, plural, informal, humorous: Skigitologies; a subject of study or a branch of knowledge in Skigit. Whether you’re new to Skigit or want a refresher, we're here to help you understand Skigit terminology.

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Primary Skigit

Primary Skigit

A Primary Skigit is an influential, ground-breaker …the trend-setter, if you will. It's the kind of Skigit others can’t wait to plug into and it’s the source of every Superskigit. The Primary typically creates a lasting impression with the ability to grab viewers and not let go, no matter how hard they try to shake loose.

Plugin Skigit

Plugin Skigit

The Plugin Skigit is a way for you to connect with others through your Skigit when you share an interest in the same thing. It’s a way for you to join a group of like-minded creators. Our rule of thumb - if you like it, plug-in and show 'em what you got.



The amazing Superskigit! The Primary Skigit appears out of nowhere, suddenly Plugins start to attach - the Superskigit emerges, a potentially unending train of connected Skigits with a Primary at the helm! … a bit much? We don’t think so.

SkitBit Rewards

At Skigit, we help you get recognized but what you may not know is Brands want you to succeed too. That's why so many offer SkitBits - an incentive to create Skigits about the things you love and want to share. When you see a company logo displayed on a Skigit thumbnail, click it to find out what that company is offering Skigit creators. You can also click the Skitbits icon in the header menu or on the Skigit upload page after selecting the maker in the "My awesome thing was made by" drop-down. It’s just another cool way to enjoy Skigit!

Follow Skigit Creators

Following people will enhance your Skigit experience by helping you stay close to the creators whose style and taste you best identify with. Discover the myriad of people that are creating Skigits and start following those you like. It’s all about what you like, not just who you know - so if you come across a Skigit you like, follow it’s creator and receive notifications to stay in touch with all of their latest works.

Click the Follow logo in the Skigit viewing page to follow all of their current and future Skigits.

Sharing Skigits

Skigit offers an easy way to share your favorite Skigits with anyone you choose. Sharing is an ideal way to tell your friends and family about the things you love. You’ll be able to locate this icon in every Skigit thumbnail and by clicking on the View icon in the Skigit view pop-up window located underneath the video frame on the right-hand side.

View Creator Skigits

Connecting with others is not always that easy. At Skigit, we give you the ability to view the work of your favorite creators simply by clicking on the View icon in the Skigit pop-up window. You’ll find this icon located underneath the video frame. Click on it and see the creator’s great work!

Add to Favorites

See a Skigit you just can’t get enough of? Add it to your favorites page! You find this icon by clicking on the View icon in the Skigit view popup window located underneath the video screen on the right-hand side. Click on it and you’ll never have to remember where you saw it. From then on, just go to your My Favorites page through via the header drop down menu, My Favorites.


Posting Skigits

Post to the max! We encourage you to post any Skigit on other social sites. We will continuously update your ability to post to other sites as site APIs change so if we aren’t providing you that ability, we wanna hear from you.

Finding Skigits

To find Skigits, just do a quick search by clicking the search icon in the header menu. You can use the search feature to locate Skigits by title, creator user name or company name. But wait, That's not all! You can also browse category pages or find your awesome thing in the Awesome Things page. One way or another, we'll help you find what you're looking for.

Find Awesome stuff on Skigit

Looking for ideas for your next family getaway but don’t have a destination in mind yet? Thinking about starting a new hobby? Maybe you’re just looking to buy Momar a new chew toy. The Awesome Stuff page lets you browse all the awesome things featured in Skigits throughout the site by all users.

  • Animals and Pet Things
  • Apparel, Clothing, Accessories and Fashion
  • DIY, Hobby and Crafts
  • etc.

We hope this helps you get going!

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