This is What Makes Skigit So Fun! 

Skigits can be in any style but we recommend you depict the subject at the heart of your experience. Make your Skigit about something, someone or someplace that has special meaning to you. Let the whole world know about it in a way that allows others to connect with you and your expressive style.

Think of it this way, you can use your favorite people, places, things and activities as props to

  • Highlight it's fantastic and remarkable value to the world.
  • Create a dramatic story depicting how it’s affected your life and why it means so much to you.
  • Create a fantasy using your awesome subject with the cast of your choosing.
  • Put your Skigit to music and harmonize your favorite thing.
  • Make others laugh hysterically with your special brand of wit and humor .
  • "Plug-in" to Skigits and create groups of like-minded followers.
  • Show-off your favorite thing in any Skigit-friendly manner you wish.

If you have any questions about how to sign up for Skigit or upload videos, visit our FAQ page.

Make your video “Skigit-Friendly”

Skigit is most fun when you

  • categorize your Skigit appropriately in the My Skigit Category and My Subject Category fields.
  • identify makers, resellers and proprietors of your subject in the My awesome thing was made by fields to help viewers learn more about the maker.
  • add the makers logo in the Spice up your Skigit thumbnail... so that viewers can get more information about you’re maker. The logo will appear in the thumbnail giving users a direct link to the maker's profile page and your item's information.
  • help viewers learn where to purchase your item by entering the website link in the I bought my awesome thing at field.
  • provide insight to viewers in your own words, in the Why my awesome thing rocks! field and explain why your awesome thing is so awesome!

What is “Skigit-Unfriendly?”

In addition to our Acceptable Use Policy, we at Skigit will not allow you to create Skigits that harm or damage a maker or person in any way. Harmful and unfriendly Skigits will be rejected as soon as we identify them. After all, we're about bringing people and their favorite things together.

Just here for the Drama

Create a story about your awesome thing. Add a plot, interesting characters and add your creativity for others to see. Convey the heart-felt meaning of your awesome thing by evoking emotion, make a connection, drawing viewers into your world.

Let Me Show You Where to Put That

Provide a physical demonstration and highlight the features of your awesome thing. Show off all of it’s great features for the whole world to see. Make use of flashy catchphrases, repeat basic ideas or employ scientist-like characters, celebrities or a guest host in your Skigit. Be witty, creative, colorful and innovative but remember to keep it tasteful.

I'll do Me, You do You

Are you serious? A self-portrait video, typically taken with a hand-held digital camcorder or video phone? We say “just do it” with your camcorder held at arm’s length or in a mirror, and include either yourself or as many people as can be in focus. But don’t forget to include your awesome thing. Why not even include your friends and make it a "Group Selfie"?

Where Words Fail, Music Speaks

Create a Skigit vibe using music, song and dance with a catchy melody, mesmerizing harmony, a thunderous beat or all of the above. Get your friends, family or even coworkers to sing the praises of your favorite thing. Let it all hang out - well, almost all of it!

Normal is Overrated

Make your Skigit funny, zany or even kooky! Inject a healthy dose of side-splitting wackiness! Show off your lighter side while letting others know why your thing is so cool. Don’t hold back any of that creative energy but don’t get too carried away and remember to keep it tasteful.

Plug a Skigit

You can plug into existing Skigits by creating a "Plugin Skigit" that features either the same awesome thing, brand, maker, proprietor, person, team, activity, place… you get the idea. Plug in and make one ginormous Superskigit that connects you with others. That’s what we’re talkin’ ’bout!